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Last update Feb 2010

Welcome to the humble English part of my homepage!

Lots of my friends and acquaintances do not read or speak German. When we meet we communicate in English even if neither of us is a native speaker. So I thought it might be a good idea to have a little part of this homepage in English, too.
But as most of my musical activities take place in Göttingen "right in the heart of Germany" — where you will not be in the moment of reading this — it is of no use to translate the "how to get there" passage.
Still, I shall give you a brief insight into my Activities if you like.
And if you have any questions please feel free to send me a Mail. I will try and answer asap.
By appointment I can be contacted via Skype, too.

The coordinating team of the "Klezmer in the heart of Germany team" welcomes you in English on page 101.

  • My seven language guitar vocabulary is available again. Click here.
  • You need a score of Matiegka's Notturno op. 21? You found it! Click here.

    English Expressions Disclaimer
    I will NOT be held responsible for any mist-aches in the English part of these pages. They are exclusively due to my former English teachers — most of them should be dead by now, anyway (years and years ago I held some unholy wishes, you know). So there is no refund, no guarantee, no warranty, nothing. Only missfakes.

    Another Law of Murphy's
    If she doesn't fit force her. — And if she breaks? — She needed mending anyway.

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